About Innervex

" Our team is exclusively arranged to support of our customer’s mission, goals and objectives. "

Innervex Technologies Private Limited was established in 2005 in the name of S-AppSys as a proprietary firm and incorporated as private limited in the year 2011.

We are a business management software product company, we create, deliver and support adaptable, expertise software solutions with core competencies in ERP, CRM, HRMS, Retail POS, and SCM etc.,

We are serving more than 16 years to 650+ customers in 19+ industry verticals including well doing companies in Retail, Healthcare, Financials, Jewellery business and Manufacturing etc.,

Innervex Technologies Private Limited provides expertise Software solutions and products to customers and allies to help them maximize their competence by leveraging on the most latest it advancement, re-formulating the operational methodologies, developing paperless solutions, streamlining enterprises.

Our software experts work closely in the day-to-day operations of the leading companies, understanding their challenges and build our excellent software products and solutions to help them to enhance their business activities. Innervex exploits technology for all companies big and small to achieve competitive edge. Our R & D team relentlessly pursue easier and better ways to provide value to our clienteles.

At Innervex, we have harnessed the cutting-edge proven technology, and through inventive product design, created the best software solutions available on the market today. These products are intuitive, highly productive, reliable, built on industry standards that do not just meet up the demands of the marketplace, but also anticipate new ones.

Erp Software For Retail Business

Vision & Mission!

Our Vision is to be a world-class End to End enterprise/Business management software solutions providing company that facilitates clients / businesses attain their goal. We will accomplish our Vision through our commitment to strategic growth, excellent service, and community involvement. Just like our software solutions, Our Company Mission is to be an inventive, expertise driven company having values and goals of us.

Our goals:

  • Our goals as an IT solution provider are, wide, go further and depth in domain than the products / solutions we offer
  • To have 100 percent satisfied customers by providing them scaled and error free, easy to use products
  • To offer best products by cutting edge technologies.
  • To value our company’s motto “Expertise in Excellence”, should have highly potential people with expertise.
  • To be inventive in all we do, but always be realistic.
  • To have range of high potential and scalable products / solutions to manage all business / Enterprises ranges from small to large in size.
Our core values:

Client centric:

We make every effort to recognize and predict the changing needs of our customers. We develop solutions to meet up and go beyond these requirements in our continuing endeavour to make stronger long-standing relationships.


We tightly adhere to business ethics. Being on time, on-budget, on-strategy are some of our special ethics and the world class standard we bring into all business interactions.


We combine the different experiences and expertises of our people to meet the common objectives of the company and the customer. We value individual offerings and skills as a primary to success.

ISO 9001:2008 Compliance

Innervex Technologies Private Limited announced on June 28, 2011 that it has been registered to the ISO 9001:2008 quality standard. This registration indicates Innervex Technologies is following the internationally-accepted standards for quality. It assures customers that Innervex Software products and services are designed, developed, delivered, implemented, maintained and supported using the latest in quality management processes. While all ISO 9001 registered companies eventually will migrate to the new guidelines, Innervex has made a deliberate effort to become registered as quickly as possible after the newest requirements were defined.

"Our ultimate goal is not Just to install the software but to improve your business."