More than a decade of deep experience developing software for Jewellery software industry

" No matter what the size or type of your business, we have a solution to suit your organisation requirements  "

Jewellery Industry is one of the most sensitive sectors where the Bullion price is reliant on the unstable market price. The resources that create a Jewel or Jewellery are distinctive and their compositions are most dissimilar (for instance the purity of the gold is very significant, so is the carats of a jewel).

Job Workers play a vital role in this industry and the production is very different from other industries.

Jewellery shop owners are continually concerned with slow-moving merchandise that stays stagnant and reduces profitability. With proven solutions, Innervex Technologies supports businesses across a wide range of industries and vertical markets. Our solutions can be deployed quicker and need less customisation.

We Innervex Technologies is having more than a decade of deep experience in Jewellery software industry, with our strong expertise we have been developing and offering software solutions for jewellers, which tightly combines all the functionalities starting with Jewellery Manufacturing, Inventory Management, Point of Sale, Shipping & Supply Chain, Accounting and integration of all these into a single robust and comprehensive application.

Our system understand which items are moving and which ones are not, so better buying decisions can be made and ultimately increase overall profit margins. Our Solution enables jewellery store retailers to improve disparate business processes that will lead to greater profitability.


Features we offer :

  • Business Intelligence reporting at keystroke
  • Maintain tight control over inventory merchandise assortment and expenditures associated to them
  • Make strategic retail business decisions based on accurate sales trends and reports. Customized sales and inventory reports are within reach and depict items that are selling
  • Customize Point-of-Service screens to keep pace with ever-changing customer demands and provide personalized service that builds on high customer satisfaction
  • Robust reporting, like the gold registers, goldsmith diary, Jewellery certificates Selling is simplified at the most Migration of legacy application to new technologies
  • fully Integrated Automation concept, which minimises integration risks
  • Statutory, MIS and financial reports at a click
  • Robust and Reliable solutions based on proven and tested cross Industry software solutions
  • Single and unified data repository
  • Pioneering, emerging technologies delivering a good return on investment

Benefits you get :

  • Operational excellence
  • Keeping track of customers, sales, and special orders has never been easier
  • Inventory verification and overall inventory control has never been more trouble-free
  • Up-to-date inventory tracking and management
  • Achieving a competitive advantage
  • Increasing customer satisfaction
  • Improving employee productivity
  • No need for different systems for different business processes
  • Minimum integration risk
  • No data duplication
  • Data transparency
  • Reduced downtime and engineering costs
  • Single store retailers and large-scale manufacturers alike will enjoy ease of navigation
  • Return customers will appreciate the fact that you can call up their information quickly.
  • And rapidly responding to changing market conditions