Meet the Innervex Support team

" Real people. Real answers. Real support. ".

Innervex Technologies is known for its prompt and expertise support on Innervex Technologies software products. Our highly experienced team of engineers specifically trained to address a wide range of business problems using our software. All major packages sold by Innervex Technologies includes one-year maintenance support contract. After our free support period IT can be extended on an annual basis.

On-going support for technology investments is critical, and needs vary from organization to organization. Our award-winning support team provides comprehensive support for companies of all shapes and sizes—from day-to-day incident resolution to services such as decision support and system monitoring.

Maintenance Support Contract    - Our annual maintenance support contract provides you with :

Unlimited technical support via telephone and email

If we are unable to address the issue there and then, we will make every endeavour to obtain an answer within one business day. Technical Support via telephone and Remote are available 09:00AM until 09:00PM Monday to Sunday excluding some Public Holidays.

Priority response to error reports

our technical support team will work with the user to reproduce the error, determine the cause of the issue and provide a solution in a quick and efficient manner. Our step-by-step approach ensures that we can identify the precise error, the reasons for its occurrence and the resolution.

Entitlement to official releases and updates to software

These are available at no additional charge during the maintenance period. Clients will be notified of the availability of new software release and will have the option downloading this. Additionally, all minor updates will be available at no additional charge.

Direct bug fix updates

In the case of a software error, the user’s issue will be forwarded to our Software Development team. As soon as a solution is developed, it will be provided to the user via email, FTP download or by alternative media as appropriate.

Annual engineering visit

Entitlement to a visit by one of our Support Engineering Team at least once per contract year completely free of charge. This provides the user the opportunity to discuss any problems, training requirements or other issues directly with the Engineer who will endeavour to address them during the visit.

Preferential pricing structure

A discount against list prices is available to all clients with a Current Maintenance contract for additional Engineering Services, Consultancy or Training. Additionally, any software upgrades receive a 100% discount against the original purchase price.

Software upgrade trade in

An allowance of 50% to 60% of the current list price of all purchase software modules will be available when upgrading a system to a higher level of core software, e.g. upgrading from Innervex Retail software to Innervex Retail Multi-user software. This benefit is only available to clients who have had a Maintenance Contract in place for at least 12 months. This support can be extended on an annual basis.