Innervex MRP Software

Cutting-edge MRP software - for Seamless handling of the production, stock, customers, team, purchases and even the machines.

Innervex MRP is a cutting-edge solution for today's Manufacturing Industries to streamline business processes, and to stay agile for quick response to customer demands and growing markets. And Innervex MRP helps you manage your manufacturing process right from procurement to shipping finished goods.

  • Enhance productivity with real-time, actionable visibility in every stage of the production process
  • Track, measure, and monitor your complete manufacturing process.
  • Control costs and streamline processes to increase revenue and better profits
  • Enhance lean manufacturing to focus on the key priorities to make better decisions and increase customer satisfaction
  • Effortlessly adapt to new manufacturing approaches, evolving customer demands.

Manufacturing ERP Software Solutions India
Production Plan

Accurate automatic planning and realistic production schedule. production schedule can be defined based on the resources and processes to manufacture products for work orders or rescheduled to accommodate client needs. And operations can be tracked.

Inventory management

Inventory management, stock movements, batch and serial number tracking. Set and optimize stock levels and avoid stock-outs. Have a clear history of your stock operations.

Product Classification

Manage multi-level Bill of Materials and Operations, the blue print of your manufacturing system. BOM structure with multiple combinations of inventory parts and inventory assemblies. Alternate BOMs can be defined and can be mapped to different work orders.

Work Order

Work Orders can be created for workstations and time and material for each Work Order can be done. make-to-stock and make-to-order work orders can be managed. work orders to sales orders and sales contracts will be linked. For each work order routing templates, codes and tasks can be defined. real-time status of component or raw material availability and task progress can be tracked.

Job Order

The Job Order module is also the base of the MRP Solution. And this used for External / outsourced production purpose. Again, this allows you to issue sub work orders or directly job orders, develop micro schedules / micro schedules for a particular work order, and track costs associated with the production process. Job Order provides you with complete control of the production process and the ability to see up-to-the-minute, work-in-process information. Work order is WBS of Work order or Production planning.

Material Indent

Material Indent Module will take care about Material Indent generation and issuance Material Indent is an in-house company/ Production Department document used in the Raw material Issue to production process to authorize the requisition of materials prior to initiating an actual issue to production. Material indents are audit documents used to track the movement of materials prior to their receipt from the store to production area Ex. Factory.

Purchase Module

This module will streamline procurement of required raw materials, finished goods, and other non-inventory materials. It started with Purchase Indent creation for Finished goods as well as for Raw materials. It systematizes the practices of identifying prospective suppliers, Supplier Assessment, Supplier Quote Assessment, giving purchase order to the supplier, and billing processes. Purchase module is tightly integrated with the inventory control and production planning modules.


Support multiple tax structure for both purchase and sales like CST, VAT, GST, inclusive , GST Reports and other reports etc.,

Materials Issue

This module enables Issue to production this is based on approved Indent [Material requisition], When a production order is carried out, required materials from stores are needed to be issued. Innervex MRP enables following methods of releasing materials for a production order.

  • Automatic issue of Materials: Automatic issue is the issue of Raw materials from inventory, based on BOM measure and quantity of item manufactured for a single-Issue Note.
  • Pull Note / partial issue: This type allows movement of raw materials to the manufacturing floor from Stores and stock movement will be happened based on work in progress. Quantity of item to be issued by each pull note and quantity of pull note per item should be stated [optional].
  • Manual Issue: This method is normally used for unscheduled manufacturing atmosphere such as job shops [out sourced job order]. This functionality deals with calculating estimated materials, additional materials and return of materials, whereas actual issue of materials is dealt by inventory module

Product management

product as inventory or non-inventory part, inventory assembly or service can be added with details such as units of measure, initial quantity, price, product license type, reusability and update related purchase and sales accounts.Products are grouped and classified based on size, alternate units and conversion values, measurements, variety, design etc. Grouping helps to define the SKU properties to manage them better. Innervex MRP has in-built support for batched and serialized inventory that will help you in traceability.

Quality Checking

Innervex MRP QC module taking care of Quality inspections for purchased and manufactured materials, and tracking. QC Parameters can be set for all products. Quality Group parameters can be defined and assigned. QC Ranks and detail of QC description for each product can be Maintained. And the QC rejection can be maintained.


Creation of multiple worker groups and assignment of multiple key skills can be done. worker can be assigned to machines and work orders based on their skill set, you can resolve resource conflicts and monitor resource cost for optimal results. workers can view the tasks on a PC or a mobile device.

Machine / plant maintenance

This module enables to record machine details of new and existing active machines, and with details such as Machine Name, Machine ID, Machine Type, Machine etc., Assignment of active machines to asset groups can be done, and maintenance of complete machine information such as operating capacity, process, date of installation and more. Machine breakdown history reports and performance report can be viewed to know the ROI. And due dates for machine maintenances will be maintained for Preventive Maintenance of the Machines.

Receipt from Production

This module allows recording the details of receiving Items produced and returned materials by the production unit against a work order or job order.

  • Items received from Production
  • Details of by-products produced from the Items
  • Excess stocks returned
  • Wastages which will be in measurable form
  • Lot | Batch number [ form Product Lot | Batch Policies]

Rejection and Return management

Innervex MRP facilitates to enter rejection item details which will be generated from NCR of QC module, the process them to Rejection and that rejection material will be sent to repair work or send to damage.
Return management will facilitate to raise purchase return against any purchases, based on the return policy this will be the result of QC done by QC Team.

Goods Receipt Note

Goods Receipt Note play a key part in the final goods receipt from “Receipt from Production” by validating that items have been received as expected by Quality Control Department. The Goods Receipt Note is an in-house document that created after examining final goods receipt [done by QC module].

Warehouse Management

Warehouse management systems (WMS) control inventory and distribution. WMS module provides deep functionality to empower partner association. Core warehouse functions like inbound receiving, putaway, picking, shipping, loading and replenishment to synchronize with other supply chain processes like order management, and vendor managed inventory, with the possible to boost your warehouse operations with extended WMS functionality, including the following features:

  • Complex inventory management competences with cutting-edge cross docking and deep functionality for lot/batch management, expiration data management as well as serial number capture and management
  • Integrates sales, inventory, and purchasing processes to get you the right merchandise at the right time to cut costs and boost sales with ROL [static and dynamic].
  • Multi-channel and multi-client fulfilment from single source
  • wave / Sales Routes & Planning, management,kitting, flow-through and capabilities with comprehensive execution control on order release and accomplishment within the distribution centre
  • Multi-channel and multi-client fulfilment from single source

Financial Accounting

End to end financial accounting module with General Ledger, Creditors Ledger, Debtors Ledger, Age Wise analysis reports, Trail Balance, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Cash and Fund flow etc.,

SMS Integration

Innervex MRP Suite provides an integrated SMS feature to send SMS for the Business Partners or registered customer about their transaction, offers, promotions etc and also wish them for their birthday and anniversary to maintain the Business Partners or customer relation.

Offline feature

In general Cloud solution does not support offline process and requires high bandwidth for communication. Innervex Enterprise MRP Suite in other case provides an offline feature that supports business operation to continue without no downtime from the in-plant server, even if the internet connection fails for a period of time. Data from the in-store server will be synchronized automatically to real time once the internet connection is stablished to the cloud server infrastructure, thereby ensuring a 100% continuous business engagement.