Innervex Smart Store - Renovate the buying experiences

Smart application for the jewellery Retailers

A Smart application for the jewellery Retailers, Manufactures, Wholesalers to showcase their graceful designs. Innervex Smart Store will improve your customer’s in-store experience with offering them unlimited collections with managed & complete inventory of the total number of stores.

Innervex Smart Store is a convenient   smart solution that will improve and renovate the customers buying experience. Innervex Smart Store enables, the creation of complete digital catalogue to easy and hassle-free demonstration of your products. The mobile app has currently customised as solution for retailers, business to business and manufacturing.

Image Hosting Server

Innervex Smart Store enables, to capture the image and resize and do the changes and host it to the server in needed name and organise it in the image server. And this module aids you to track the image hosting executives, and monitor their productivity by having needed entry points with timestamp, Analytics & Reports

And server is an OS independent one, will run on Linux, Windows and MAC OS

Smart application for the jewellery Retailers


Complete stock of all your store will be in each device in digital form. And item status will be viewed like store location and weight, size, inventory level. Your digital assets will be shown to the customer in-store or in the customer store steps via internet in easy and convenient way. This will improve customer buying experience.

Your-Own-Brand App

Innervex Smart Store enables your customers to view and order from anywhere and anytime with Your-Own-Brand App with your own logo and customised slider images as per the area and seasonality which can be hosted and changed from central server.

We, Innervex Technologies will host a downloadable version of the App from the Android Market for all your customers to download the mobile applications in their phones and access your products.

Smart application for the jewellery Retailers

Comprehensive Search Option
Smart application for the jewellery Retailers

Innervex Smart Store’s Comprehensive Search Option offers users to find products in fast by using the search filters that allows search parameters like weight, size, cts, range etc.,

Search is one key feature, which allows executive’s daily operations simple by enabling the customers to be serviced quickly and to spend more time with the customers and enabling them to maintain better relationships.

Digital Stock Management

Managing your inventory to service customers better is key to success. We in Innervex Smart Store went further ahead, this smart System maintains your inventory in digital format which enables quick response to customers and immediate feedback to the management by simple and elegant search and maintenance of wide variety of digital assets which all are in stock, and quick information to the management like confirmed items and most searched items etc.,

Innervex Smart Store enables simple management of stock, current location or showroom of the particular item and transfers. Confirmed and non-sold item can be revert backed to Saleable form and will be shown in the Smart Store App, the reason will be sent as feedback to back end team or Management and tracked via analytical reports.

Smart application for the jewellery Retailers