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The fashion industry is one of the most highly competitive industries, the knowledge and the capability to forecast and meet customer demand have equals power. Forestalling consumer tastes, monitoring trends, and reaching customers, minimizing the time to market and staying profitable on tight margins—are challenges that can be daunting to fashion industry.

Innervex Technologies offers proven solution expertise sharpened from some of the most winning apparels & textiles. You'll get more effective supplier collaboration so you can compress the go-to-market process from design and specification to sourcing and production to merchandising and sales.

Changes in styling and rapidly changing consumer tastes, combined with the shift of responsibility for inventory from the retailer to the manufacturer, are forcing apparels and Textiles companies to manage their businesses in an entirely different manner than in the past.

The exposure is great in the textile business due to the high cost of capital equipment for weaving, knitting and dyeing. Management teams need the ability to assess the impact of these rapid changes on inventories, manufacturing requirements, customer deadlines and their net effect on cash flow.

Erp Software For Jewelry Business

Innervex Technologies Fashion [TexLogic] is a suite of software product developed specifically for the ever-changing demands of the fashion industry. With our comprehensive, configurable solution, you can manage the entire fashion process—from source and distribute, to manufacturing, private brand retail, and wholesale. With our solution, you can move as quickly as the market does.

Innervex Technologies Solutions facilitate companies like yours

  • Reduce operational costs and improve efficiency and Gain better visibility of transactions across the enterprise
  • Make better business decisions and Deliver the right product at the right time
  • Keep customer promises and Adopt manufacturing best practices
  • Reduce supply chain operational costs for increased profitability
  • Manage growth and expansion to improve revenues and market share and Ensure better quality products
  • Optimize fabric consumption and eliminate fabric wastage
  • Boost new product profitability by up to 10 to 20% and Reduce time to market by up to 70%
  • Improve on-time product launches by up to 98%, including regulated industries
  • Manage and optimize the performance of your organization
  • Handling of style and non-style items & Flexible units of measure, such as pairs and cases
  • Flexible style matrix for colour, size, and fit & Attributes for full inventory characteristics
  • Storage and maintenance of additional flexible attributes
  • Ability to forecast consumption at the style level
  • Alignment of suppliers and inventory replenishment with demand
  • Serialization of high-value items, Accurate control over your inventory
  • Customer-specific price lists, to maximize sales and profitability & Real-time business intelligence
  • Support for dying fabrics at different points in the manufacturing process
  • Enterprise asset management (EAM) tools for bottleneck planning and for GST claims.