Decade of expertise in Designing solution for healthcare Industry

" No matter what the size or type of your business, we have a solution to suit your organisation requirements  ".

Innervex Technologies is one of the leading providers of healthcare IT solutions. We design, build and deliver industry-leading software systems that serve the entire health sector, which includes HOSPITALS/ Health care centres, Pharmacy maintenance, Dental Clinics/Hospitals, Eye care Centres/Optical stores, Health care equipment manufacturing companies etc.,

Our ability to embrace change and keep abreast of emerging new directions in healthcare allows our customers to explore the exciting potential of new technologies while securing their existing investments.

Our business is driven by the collective Expertise, experience and commitment of specialists. Innervex Technologies Health care solutions seamlessly link clinical, administrative and departmental systems across the whole spectrum of health services. It’s enabling healthcare providers to improve their financial and business processes

Our exclusive focus on the healthcare sector has allowed us to develop an unrivalled depth and breadth of experience to understand workflows and improve your business, and ultimately deliver more cost-effective healthcare.

Designing solution for healthcare Industry | Pharmaceutical


Innervex Technologies has been developing pharmaceutical ERP products for manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and cosmetics since 2006. For manufacturers, our Innervex ERP healthcare software has specialized functionality developed with customers making pharmaceuticals, biotech products and cosmetics and Quality control is an integral part of Innervex ERP and there is full support for compliance.

Our healthcare software experience enables us to lead our customers to a fast, successful implementation with rapid return on investment.

Features & Services we offer:

  • Leading-edge solutions for the Health care industry with minimum total cost of ownership
  • Fully Integrated Automation concept, which minimises integration risks
  • Robust and Reliable solutions based on proven and tested cross Industry software solutions
  • Pioneering, emerging technologies delivering a good return on investment
  • Our Pharmaceutical Software can handle all of the special manufacturing, distribution, and accounting needs of the pharmaceutical industry
  • Our solution offers Digital Dashboards for managers provide up-to-the-minute snapshots of your business, such as projected cash flow, ratio analysis sales, profit summaries, top ten customer lists, items, sales representatives, and vendors.
  • Workflow Solutions

Benefits you get :

  • Maximum return on investment & Minimum integration risk
  • Reduced downtime and costs
  • Product and service innovation
  • Improve quality control & Monitor product distribution
  • 360 degree batch control and traceability
  • warehouse efficiency and effective management of supply chain
  • Adhere to regulatory authority controls & Increase management visibility
  • Improve efficiencies between multiple production lines
  • Control stock levels and minimize excess expired stock
  • Achieve full traceability through multiple levels of manufacture
  • Corporate performance management, risk management and compliance
  • Operational excellence
  • Achieving a competitive advantage